CFP: 5 agile practices and why they are useful to SRE teams

As SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) teams contain a fair portion of software development work, and get filled up by software developers, it is a natural move to also adapt agile software development practices. The right agile model depends heavily on the percentage of development work vs. operations, which may be influenced by the team size. For example, in a small team where a high percentage of people is on call during the day, it might not make too much sense to plan... View Article


I am working as a software developer since I finished my masters in 2013 at Heidelberg University. I started my career in Software Development at SAP SE in Walldorf working on Analytics and Cloud Foundry. In 2019, I decided to leave SAP and joined Red Hat.

At Red Hat, I am working as Site Reliablity Engineer, keeping the lights on for several OpenShift clusters.

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I am passionate about Open Source software development, which was one reason for me to move to an Open Source company. You can find some of my work on my github profile.

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