CFP: Up your Game with OpenShift

October 21, 2021 9:18 am Published by

Automatic build and deployment for your very own browser game


This talk is targeted at anybody using or planning to use OpenShift to deploy their software. It’s not exactly for game developers, but probably for people who want to learn what it can mean to build a game with Open Source software and deploy it to an OpenShift cluster so it can be accessed via a web browser, or people who want to know about the possibilities to automate software build and deployment with OpenShift.


OpenShift comes with various built-in tools that can help developers bring their own software to the cloud – or their cluster.

From automatic builds based on dockerfiles via source-to-image (S2I) builds to a full-blown pipeline with Tekton, a solution is there for all use-cases one can think of. All use-cases? How about the small browser-game developer around the corner?

In this talk we’ll explore the possibilities to provide a custom S2I image for very specific use-cases, like building and running a game built with the Godot engine. We will use the image to trigger automatic builds and deployments of a small browser game whenever a change is published to the games’ GitHub repository.

Key Takeaways

During this talk the audience will see (1) the different possibilities OpenShift provides to automate and customize a build process, (2) how to build a custom builder image for S2I builds, and (3) get an idea of which option could be a good fit for their own projects.

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