Pod Autoscaling in OpenShift and Kubernetes

To test out the horizontal pod autoscaling I built a simple example application that shares “load” across instances. The load is as simple as allocating a configurable chunk of memory. When the load increases, the pod autoscaler would spin up new instances so the chunks get smaller and the target is reached. You can find the example application on Github. Run locally Check out the repository, run make build and start ./pod-autoscaler-example. It will allocate the default 100MiB of RAM and wait for... Artikel ansehen


I am working as a software developer since I finished my masters in 2013 at Heidelberg University. I started my career in Software Development at SAP SE in Walldorf working on Analytics and Cloud Foundry. In 2019, I decided to leave SAP and joined Red Hat.

At Red Hat, I am working as Site Reliablity Engineer, keeping the lights on for several OpenShift clusters.

To share my passion for high quality code and help learners, I’m mentoring Go newcomers on exercism.io.

I am passionate about Open Source software development, which was one reason for me to move to an Open Source company. You can find some of my work on my github profile.

Whenever I get new insights worth sharing, be it during work or one of my numerous private projects, I’m publishing it either on opensource.com or on my own blog if I can find time for writing.


In November 2022, my very first book Operating OpenShift – An SRE Approach to Operating Infrastructure was released! With this book, Rick and I want to help you get started with operating OpenShift clusters, from 1 to many of them!

You can get it on Amazon or order it in your local book store, or read it online in the O’Reilly Safari Library.

Find out more on the book’s dedicated website operatingopenshift.com!