Guest article: Build a Kubernetes Operator in 10 minutes with Operator SDK

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It’s been a while since I last submitted an article to This time it is about quickly kick-starting a Kubernetes Operator with Operator SDK. Click hier kontaktieren to get to the article.

When you start working on a new software project, often a bunch of code is already existing. That’s by no means different when joining development of a Kubernetes Operator. In the case of Operator SDK a good part of the code is additionally generated, so you also want to know which code is hand-written, meant for changes, and which is generated by the SDK.

As I’ve been working on the GCP Project Operator with my team at Red Hat, I wanted to know what exactly the steps are to start an operator from scratch, to better understand what it is, that you get from the SDK. I thought it might also be useful for other hopping on operator development, so I wrote those steps down in a blog article.

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